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The Making of a Garment




When an order is placed, for you the customer it’s the final process, but for us at MISSÉFÉ it’s the beginning of a wonderful journey.

 Most of the times, a design is  not always about the design  itself, but the work that goes  into it that makes it a unique product that you will adore for years to come.






We have a collection of various types of fabrics collected from vendors from all over the world and including locally in the United States, but this step will be based on what fabric you have chosen for your piece.

Our tailors sift through our warehouse to get the chosen fabric. When you pick a style, they evaluate the design against you selected fabrics, to see how best to come up with the best possible outcome, which is of immerse value to you our customer.

patternmaking of my dream garment



This is a very critical aspect of the garment, because when an order is placed, it is sent to the pattern maker, and he drafts the pattern to your specific measurement, making sure that all the information provided by the customer is imputed correctly, once completed the tailoring team can now go ahead with the sewing and embellishment of your garment.


The Team



This final step has the cut fabric fitted and sewn to the specifications of you the customer.

MISSÉFÉ is unique because every garment ordered is made with detail and attention just for you, from the beginning to the end of production. 

Each Pattern is kept and used for future reference.

Fashion Dreams do come true at MISSÉFÉ


Size Chart

For you to have a perfect garment, you must first understand what size category you belong to, so that when you order a garment, you know it will fit. You have to measure the BUST, WAIST, and HIPS, and also what your HEIGHT is, is very critical to the fit of the garment. 

See the chart below to know what your correct size is. Be Aware that it's normal for your proportions to be within 2 to 3 sizes. Click here for instructions on how to measure yourself.

U.S Standard Women's Sizes