About Us - MISSEFE

About Us

MISSÉFÉ is about designing garments that are colorful, fashionable, wearable and long lasting, because looking good is also about feeling comfortable in whatever you wear.

Our Designs are unique in all aspects, they are very specially designed pieces based on the standard that our Founder ÉFÉ acquired while as an employee at high-end exclusive brands.

Our Styles are never in trend, but very stylish and fashionable, we do not go along with trends.

We believe that when one buys a garment that is made right, with love and care, one shouldn't have to wear this garment for just one season. One should cherish and wear it for seasons none end, just like the way the people of the old did. 

These items are easy pieces that you can wear from day to night. We utilize fabrics from easy care cotton to high end cashmere, because a real fashionista should have these staples in their closet.

Our fabrics and trims come from all over the world. We believe that diversity brings about creativity and flexibility.

All Our items are custom sewn in New York City, by our exceptional tailors that have over 40 years of experience behind them. 



Size Chart

For you to have a perfect garment, you must first understand what size category you belong to, so that when you order a garment, you know it will fit. You have to measure the BUST, WAIST, and HIPS, and also what your HEIGHT is, is very critical to the fit of the garment. 

See the chart below to know what your correct size is. Be Aware that it's normal for your proportions to be within 2 to 3 sizes. Click here for instructions on how to measure yourself.

U.S Standard Women's Sizes